Sage and Clare

Mirielle Punch Needle Cushion

$ 209.00

 Daisy motifs and bold accent colours are key features of the new season Camille collection, thanks to their whimsical yet classic vibe. And these characteristics are stunningly displayed with the highly textural Mirielle Punch Needle Cushion.

The cushion features a highly detailed hand-embroidered design that will command attention in any interior space. Using a punch needle technique, the beautiful piece showcases the skilled artistry and stunning design synonymous with the Sage x Clare brand.

It also features playful fringing on both ends for added detail, and is finished with a cotton reverse.

The cushion has a free-spirited, laid-back feel while still maintaining an air of classic cool. It's everything the new season range is about.


Measures 100 x 35cm


Made from wool, cotton

Includes high quality feather insert