Retro Collection


This collection is inspired in a boy that was always looking to challenge his
bounds and find something big.  His name is Garrett, and all his life
he has chased for the biggest wave in the world. After looking all over, one
day he found Nazaré, a little, old and neglected fish village by the Atlantic
Ocean, in southern Europe. Very, very
far from home.
For long days and weeks he dedicated his time to get to know the wave, to
understand her contours and behavior, each day a little better. His patient,
sacrifice and resilience led him to achieve his biggest dream. To have
surfed the biggest wave ever surfed on the planet. So, well done Garrett.
SS19 collection embeds all this experience, the Nazaré colors and
The hand painted signs of the boats sitting on the sand beaches,
the colors and patterns of the local fishermen's costumes. The color of the
sky, the sand and the sea...
We want to tell our kids how Garrett did it and inspire each one of them to
always reach out for something beyond the bounds.
We are launching, for the first time ever, a surf line for the little ones who
are brave enough to follow Garrett’s steps. Go, go, go.

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